I recently posted on social media about my dark time, the transformation I had and the power of food.

I’ve been struggling with the idea of where to start because I learned a lot and want to make sure I share the knowledge clearly. For this first post, I’m going to share kind of like a cliff notes version. I’ll give you the general idea of what happened, and then I’ll dive deeper in future posts.

So quick recap, I had my second brain surgery in February 2019 and did brain radiation July 2019. In that time period, I didn’t really let myself feel stuff. I pushed feelings away, emotionally ate, and chose other things to push away the fears and sadness I was experiencing. But I also like to say, I’m human and that’s how I chose to cope and there’s nothing wrong with that. I did get really scared though because the things that use to help me feel better stopped working. Yoga and exercise didn’t help and those were always a sure bet to making me feel better. To be honest, I went to probably one of the darkest places I’ve ever been and at the end of the day really didn’t want to be on this planet. That is hard for me to admit and I really wasn’t able to voice that truth until I returned from OHI. I had hit a bottom and needed help and OHI was my savior, FOR REAL (and god is behind all this too btw).

So what’s OHI? It is the Optimum Health Institute and it’s magical. My mom saw I was struggling and suggested I go. Their primary focus is on nutrition, with importance on our emotional states and spirituality. They pretty much said eat raw, vegan and all healing will happen (there’s more to it than that but remember this is the cliff notes version).

They believe in wheat grass and encouraged us to drink it (they grew it onsite and we juiced it on our own) and do our own enemas and wheat grass implants DAILY. There were colonics on site and I did 3. Before coming to OHI, I had never had one...but it was huge in my healing. I was literally holding on to emotional baggage and needed it to be released. People came to OHI and had crazy healing, healed from cancer and depression and so much more. I saw people on the first day with pale faces and after a week, they had light in their eyes. The program can be up to 3 weeks. I did a week and even that was transformative.

Obviously it’s not just about food, but through this experience I saw how food can heal and by omitting certain foods you feel better. I’m not a raw vegan but I have started to incorporate more veggies and fruits into my diet. I also learned that adding in spices and herbs is extremely important to our bodies because they can be anti-inflammatory, help with digestion and serve as antioxidants.

Staying away from processed foods and sugar is key. Our body creates yeast in our guts and yeast feeds on sugar. If we’re eating too much sugar our guts become off kilter. If we’re not able to digest food properly, our bodies and emotional well being suffer. We also learned about food combining, juicing and cleanses which I will talk about in another post.

For me, I’ve taken out eggs, wheat and dairy (for now). Eggs are linked to brain tumors. Wheat is linked to anxiety and depression. Dairy is linked to brain lesions and fatigue. I found this info out from Anthony Williams. He’s written many books (this info comes from his book “Life Changing Foods”). You can check out his website here:

There’s a lot more details and tips I want to share. For now, I just needed to start some place and share the overall journey I had. I have PDFs and a tip sheet I created that I’d be happy to share so reach out if you want one and I’ll send the information along.

Much love and light xo