Just For Today

Just for today. I've always known the idea of being in the moment. Here and now, that's all we really have. I don't think we realize the importance of that 'here and now'. We're humans with aspirations and goals. We just go and at times, we forget. We forget we live in a human body which may not exist 5 minutes from now. We take advantage of every minute we have a breath. I'm not saying we are bad people by any means. We just don't know it any other way.

Recently I learned some phrases from my Urban Zen training. Some are curated from Reiki, one being "Just for today..." which stems from one of the 5 principles of Reiki. So Just For Today, I will not worry. That is HUGE for me. 

The point of this blog isn't necessarily about Reiki, it's really about humbleness. The fact that no matter how hard we try, no matter how much we want something, no matter how hard we fight and cry, life will happen in a way we never imagined. Maybe in ways we didn't want, but I promise you, way more beautiful than you thought.

I've had many plans in my life. Some came true and some didn't. Some caused me great pain. As I look back I have such gratitude for those difficult times and the happy ones too. For the times Dana didn't get what she wanted, she got what she needed. 

My 30's have been interesting. I've had the opportunity to learn about myself. To deal with the growing pains. To really ask myself what does Dana want. At this moment in time, I am SO HAPPY my plan didn't work out. I'm so so very humbled. To see that the life I thought was best for me, isn't. The people, the magical humans who have entered my life remind me of this daily.

So the beauty and humbleness stems from letting go of that idea I had in my head. People tell me, if I just surrender, my life will exceed my wildest dreams. And you know what, it is and continues to do so. That doesn't mean my life isn't challenging, it just means I know I'm not in control. Life happens on life's terms and really there's so much freedom in that idea, right?

Hope maybe you gain something from my rant...and if not, thank you for listening. Much love xo