Lead With Your Heart

Lead with your heart. Lead with your heart. What does this mean to me? What does it look like for you? There's no wrong answer. 

For me, I've always worn my heart on my sleeve. I've always loved deeply, maybe at times it feels like too deeply. I'm not the best at getting vulnerable. It makes me feel unsafe but I guess that's maybe the case for a lot of us, right? The unknown. The possibility of giving so much of our heart and soul that we may lose ourself or original intention in the process. 

This past year has had it's challenges. We all have obstacles so I know I'm not alone in this life journey. I do know that it's taken a lot of inward work on myself to find what makes Dana happy (yes sometimes I talk in third person). That journey hasn't been an easy one, but if there's no tears and pain, where's the growth? Maybe you don't need to have pain and tears and laughter to change. I know for me, it makes me cherish the moments of peace and happiness so much more. All the emotions, easy and hard, lead us back to our truest self.

As I've become more centered in my life, I've been able to see what I want. I've always known to some degree I want to help others, I just didn't know what that really looked like. Through doing Yoga Teacher Training, so much opened up for me - I found my voice again. As I continue to pull back the layers, it becomes easier and clearer what my heart wants, what is pulling me back to the Source - To be of service. I truly believe that's what we're all meant to do.

The incredible thing is, when I listen to my heart and just go, don't think, such beauty occurs. No resistance. I meet wonderful new people and have life changing experiences. Through walking through my fears, I've come to see all is okay.

If you have a calling in your heart, go after it. So many of us block it away, push it down. Say we're too set in our ways, don't have enough time etc. But life is too short to settle.

Thank you for listening. I feel truly blessed and grateful to start this new journey of helping others find their way back to their hearts.

With Love,