Today was one of those days where I felt the strong urge to write. By write I mean like, I have four other blog posts I want to write and share with all of you. Whoever is out there reading these...hope you enjoy this one.

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Impermanence. We know the word. We know the meaning. I've known the meaning for quite some time now, but things have changed. The word means so much more to me today than before. 

So what does it mean? What does it mean to you? For me, in the past, I read it as, nothing is permanent. Things change. Events come and go. People come and go etc. Now, it means that AND more. I'm currently taking an Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Training program which encourages us to look at death on a much deeper level. The reality that we all are dying. Each day we are closer to our death. I don't mean this in a morbid way. It is the truth, no matter how hard it may be to digest for some.

When I view my life now, I start to cherish the moments a little more (this is a daily practice). The breaths more. The inhales and the exhales. MY BODY. The human body is incredible (I will write about that in a post soon). We enter this world as we came into it. It is our choice how we choose to live it.

From this perspective, I'm starting to appreciate moments more. Moments where I smile at a stranger on the street. Moments where I hear birds chirping and I'm actually present enough to hear the birds, hear their beautiful songs and words. Moments where I get frustrated in traffic and yell in my car and then (hopefully) laugh out loud, saying "wow Dana, you sure are Zen today". The magical thing is we all are humans. We all have this one life to live. We are not perfect and that's okay. It's actually quite beautiful. Our uniqueness. All truly one of a kind. There is no one else like YOU in this world, on this planet Earth. Marvel in that idea. Magic.

So when things in my life enter, whether if for 30 seconds, or 2 years, NOW I'm starting to know it's a natural process. Nothing is permanent. Nothing. So...when in times of pain and sadness, I remind myself it's not permanent. To take it as an opportunity to learn, grow and change. To appreciate the moments where I am happy too. To honor wherever I am in my life. To land in that space and just be.

Some days are easy. Some days are hard. That is life. We only have this moment. After this, we don't know. Tomorrow may not come for us. 

Relish in all of it.


Peace. Peace. Peace.



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