You may be asking yourself why is there an image of Play-doh above. It's a valid question. I will get to that soon.

Dreams. We all have them right? Sometimes we remember them so vividly it's as if they actually happened. We wake up and feel the presence of them so strongly. Other dreams, we try to pull any imagery we can to make sense of them. We remember bits and pieces but barely can articulate what even happened. 

I had a weird dream a few days back. I usually try and write them down right when I get up (per my Therapist. Yes I have a therapist and it is great). Today we had a session and she asked if I'd had any recent dreams. I did. It was one of those dreams I didn't need to write down. I remembered it quite well.

The dream went like this: I was babysitting my dear friends baby, but this wasn't your normal baby. The baby was made up of Play-doh (see told you it would make sense). The Play-doh baby was quite small (size of Barbie) and it's body parts were made up of many different Play-doh colors, kind of like a rainbow. While I was watching this baby, she/it fell apart. My friend was very upset and we argued and yelled quite a bit. I apologized for the baby disassembling but I also showed her the baby could be put back together. That the colors could blend together and still be something beautiful.

My therapist told me, in our dreams, we are all things. So I was my friend, I was me etc. My therapist asked what would I be arguing with myself about or how could it apply to my perspective on life. I came to realize that there's a part of me (my friend) who thinks life is suppose to happen in a certain order, there must be plans, a design, an idea/expectation of what you think your life should look like and if that doesn't manifest, it's not okay. The other side (me as me) says life isn't so cookie cutter. You can blend together. You can re-shift your plan and just let go. Realize that maybe the plan you had in your head really isn't the one that will serve you best. Maybe there's a better ending around the corner. 

So instead of thinking, each piece of ourselves is separate (like the different colors/body parts of the Play-doh baby), maybe we can look at life as us all being interconnected. We let ourselves blend and mesh together to create something much greater than we could have ever imagined. 

The dream reminded me that I have two opposing thoughts in my mind. I'm sure a lot of us do. It was refreshing, encouraging and eye-opening to see what my subconscious brought up in my dream. It really was a beautiful reminder that we're all in this together. There's no set plan. We're here to just enjoy the ride.

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