Self-Care. Self-Care. Self-Care.

I literally just wrote that down three times to let it's meaning marinate in my body. It's an interesting thing - to sit with a word or words and become aware of the impact it has on you. I love this word. I love this word. 

Self-care, to put simply, is about taking care of yourself. I think it's a very foreign concept for many of us. We live in a culture that feeds off productivity, goals, achievements, long work hours etc. not leaving much room for self-care. We can't blame the culture for actions we don't take, but I think as we become more wise, we start to see we need self-care in order to thrive. In order to be the best version of ourselves, we must come first. If we don't put US as a priority, everything else goes to shit. I'm serious.

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I'm taking a training program called Urban Zen Integrative Therapy. The main approach and foundation is self-care. Our bodies, minds and souls need daily maintenance, just like a car needs it's oil changes. It's not a 'treat' or 'luxury'. It is a necessity. I think that needs to be known to all. I never thought of it like that but it's true. How can you give to another if you can't give to yourself?

Self-care is about self love. Choosing you. Choosing to invest in you. That's truly a beautiful thing.

Self-care isn't something that comes naturally to me. I notice I will do many other things (like write this blog, lol, before I do self-care). I find it interesting how I avoid something that I know makes me feel better and is so good for my overall wellbeing. But when I do put Dana first, I feel better. I have more energy, I worry less, answers come to me, clarity is born and I'm at ease, happy in my own skin. In return, I choose healthier things for myself (people, places and things). I'm also a better human to others. I'm more present, more open, and listen better.

I do believe if you take steps to create a self-care practice, whether it's meditation, breathing exercises, journaling, taking a spontaneous trip, trying out some Reiki etc. (whatever it looks like to you), you will be guided. I don't mean that in a hippy dippy way. I feel like taking time every day for a little R&R helps us be our truest, childlike selves. I think over time, we've somehow lost that part. We've lost compassion for ourselves and others. We're on autopilot, checking things off the to-do list, beating ourselves up for not being where we thought we should have been by now, worrying about the future and not being in the NOW. 

SO...maybe...just maybe...try some love today. Even if it's only 2 minutes. Just start some place. Life is always a work in progress, that's what makes it beautiful.

Love love love xo