The Mind & The Heart

Where do I even begin. I literally just stared at the screen for 5 minutes with writer's block. I chose this topic, so why is it so hard to just start.  Well you see, the mind and the heart are two beautiful organs that live inside our bodies. They both are TRULY spectacular and also entirely opposite.

In my opinion, I think when we're born and growing up, we lead with our hearts. As we grow up, things change. We start feeding into the thoughts of our minds. We let it control us. We feed the beast. Then, at some point, we realize we've been sitting in the passenger seat, the brain in the driver's seat and the hearts in the backseat. Where did we lose our connection with our hearts? 

I'm not saying we totally disconnect from the heart space but I do think it gets blocked and I do believe the mind helps with this blockage. The mind is a very powerful thing. It wants to understand every situation, explain every situation, find an answer to all and solidify a conclusion to our hurdles and challenges in life. It can't help itself, that just it's natural inclination. 

The heart is different. It's simple and open. It will give you the answers you need but there's a catch. You have to be open. You have to stop going down the rabbit hole of destructive thoughts and CHOOSE to not feed those thoughts. To see the thoughts and let them pass. I know this is easier said than done. I know this from my own personal experience.  


I chose this topic because for a very, very long time I have let my mind control me. Eventually this state of existence becomes difficult. I must have hit my rock bottom some where along the road and what I stumbled upon was lovely. TOOLS. Tools to help reconnect with the heart space. Meditation. THAT ONE IS HUGE. I'm trying really hard to meditate daily. I see the difference (when I practice daily). Answers come. I can feel my heart - meaning I'm not muddled up in my head. I'm not trying to control or find answers. I'm just present and happy. AND I see the beauty and goodness in others more clearly when I'm connected to my heart center.

I know if we work from our hearts, all will unfold just as it should. We don't have to fight, we just need to let go.



Dana HellerComment